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Delhi Daredevils

DD Adda is a community of our Delhi Daredevils fans, wherein all the fans participating in various DD Adda activities win amazing offers, discounts and rewards.

Whether you engage through social, web or mobile app, you will be rewarded for all your love for Delhi Daredevils.

The DD Adda app gives you all the details of our team, all the updates of DD Tournaments, options to shop for DD Merchandise, Play on DD Adda App, score runs, redeem those runs at the Rewards Store, options to look out for match Tickets and connect with us and the cricket players on social networks.

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Just download your DD Adda App with your mobile number and play. As you download the app and register with your mobile number, you will be updated about all the recent offers available at the reward store and get the special benefits as well on your phone itself. DD Adda app instantly manages all your runs, purchase orders, reward points and redemptions.

While your DD Adda points can help you get offers on various brands and outlets, you may even get a FREE stadium ticket for one of the matches of IPL 2015.

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